2019 travel plans

It’s that time of year when, as well as reflecting on the year that has passed, we like to look ahead and think about what travel plans are high on the list for next year; allocating annual leave, trying to maximise bank holiday weekends and, with Becca’s accounting hat on, budgeting for the trips to make sure they happen! Here’s a run down of some of the trips we’re planning to squeeze into 2019 and what you can look forward to hearing about.


We’ve already booked a long haul beach destination trip early in the year before Sienna turns two in March! I was determined to make the most of not having to pay an extortionate air fare (and accommodation / meal costs) before her second birthday. Of course the flip side to this is potentially an uncomfortable flight but we are hoping we’ll be able to juggle this between the two of us; how bad can it be?! Keep tuned to find out where we’re heading.

We’re planning on having a long weekend break to Albania to visit Ani’s parents and extended family, something we try to do every year. Having visited for the last ten years, and counting, we’ve witnessed the country’s development. With each visit there’s always loads of new bars and restaurants that have opened so it’ll be good to sample some of those. This year it features in Harpers Bazaar’s list of beautiful places people will be going on holiday in 2019 so it seems our best kept secret destination might not be for much longer!

Our Mum has a big birthday coming up next year so we are planning on doing a family trip in the late summer to celebrate. It will be lovely to have some quality time together, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with proper conversations rather than the random and snatched moments we tend to have on home soil!

We are also looking forward to attending a destination wedding in Europe to draw the summer to a close! This is always a great chance to have a mini family break alongside celebrating with our nearest and dearest.


After cramming eight countries into 2018 I might need to curb it slightly next year…famous last words!

I’m kicking the year off with a week’s trip skiing over New Year in the French Alps. I’ve never skied before so watch out for a blog on my (rather comical) attempt and keep your fingers crossed I come home with all my limbs intact! If all else fails I know I’m not going to have any trouble with the après ski…

As ever there will be at least two cottage weekends with groups of girlfriends somewhere in the UK – a hot tub and plenty of prosecco tend to be the only items on the must-have list but I’ll try to mix things up a bit so I have more to talk about than my inevitable sore head!

By the time June approaches I’ll be in full festival prep mode as I managed to get Glastonbury tickets for the first time ever!! I’ve been to a couple of day festivals before but this will be my first full on camping festival experience which I am equally excited and terrified by! Any top tips are more than welcome.

Whilst I haven’t introduced you (yet) to the annual ‘surprise trip’ I go on with a group of old work mates, next year brings instalment number two. Thankfully I can sit back and wait for all to be revealed as I planned the first trip this year and so don’t have to do any more organising for at least the next four years!

I will of course be joining Becca on our family trip for Mum’s birthday. Roll on pure relaxation (as much as it can be with Sienna in tow!) with no end of incredible food, drink and good times. 

Another one of my closest friends is moving to Australia for 2019 and so I’m hoping to be able to go for a visit, budget and work depending. I’ve already been down under twice so this time I’ll be on a mission to tick off the last few places I really want to go – Uluru and Tasmania in particular.

The festive cheer has caught me this year and I’m already feeling the need to round 2019 off with a trip to a quaint Christmas Market abroad. I’ve had friends travel to both Germany and Tallinn around Christmas this year so they may well be on the cards.

We’ve both got some other exciting potential travel plans brewing but will have to see how the year plays out – watch this space! 

What exciting trips have you got planned for 2019?

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